Rita Lou Glick

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Rita Lou Glick
September 2, 1925
July 1, 2021

Rita Lou Long Glick passed away at home on July 1, 2021, at the age of 95.83.

Rita Lou Long was born in Duluth, Minnesota, on September 2, 1925 into a loving family. Her parents were Nelson (Nels) Long of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Charlotte (Lottie (Zlotte)) Azine (Azinsky) of Duluth, Minnesota.  The Azinsky family emigrated from The Pale of Settlement (Ukraine / Russia) and came to Duluth in the late 1800’s via Canada. It is less clear what the roots are for the Long family, probably mostly Irish, and certainly German on Nelson’s maternal side.

Rita Lou described her childhood and adolescence as being happy and secure, growing up in Duluth with her brother, Sherman Long (1921-2010). Rita Lou participated in a limited but satisfying way with the outdoorsmen’s pursuits (hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing) of her father and brother.

After graduating Duluth Central High School in 1943, she was employed in local clerical and retail work, with dreams of singing opera professionally.

In 1945, Rita Lou moved to New York City, and was employed in clerical / secretarial work during the day, and took voice classes under Fanny Cleeve in the evenings. Rita Lou shacked up in a small apartment with a newfound friend named Rhoda Stein.  Rhoda showed Rita Lou the ropes, opened her eyes, and soon after, Rita Lou became Rita Long, a strong, confident, independent woman in post-war New York City.

Then she met Hyman (Chaim) Glick on a blind date set up by Rhoda’s new husband. Hyman had recently mustered out of the Army after having served in the Pacific theatre. After an 18 month courtship, Rita gave up her operatic dreams, and became Mrs. Hyman Glick on December 28, 1947, one day after New York City experienced one of its largest snowfalls.  Rita settled into domestic life and Hyman became an accountant for the City of New York Department of Rent Control. The Glicks moved to the Bronx, and soon settled into an apartment in the Parkchester development. She bore, nurtured, raised, and fledged three children, kept a tidy apartment, cooked wonderful meals, was a master seamstress and knitter, and still managed to keep herself looking good for her husband; Rita was the quintessential Good Housekeeping Geritol wife. It is all the more tribute to Rita that she maintained her grace, humor, and joy through 54 years of marriage to Hyman.

By the mid 1970’s, a combination of economic savvy and the Women’s Lib movement gave Rita the moxie to demand that she be allowed to return to the workplace. Rita rapidly moved from secretarial into administrative assistant positions at the New York City Bureau of Child Guidance, and several small legal firms. All employers found her work to be excellent, her attainment of knowledge and skill to be meteoric, and her presence to be indispensible.

Rita’s significant contribution to the Glick nest egg undoubtedly was responsible for Rita and Hyman’s ability to retire, flee the Bronx, and buy a house in the Adirondacks, settling in Edinburg, New York.  Rita continued to care for Hyman as his health declined, and she helped him through home hospice until his passing on November 22, 2001. Soon after Hyman’s death, Rita Lou came back to life.

She bought a new 2002 Toyota Camry (that she named “The Blue Bayou”), and finally got to attend college, taking classes in literature and drama at Fulton County Community College.  In 2002, she met and befriended a local widower, Matthew Brucker Sr., and had several years of joy and laughter with this loving and supportive man. She and Matthew were inseparable until his health declined, Rita helped Matthew through home hospice until his passing on November 14, 2005.

After falling and breaking a hip in 2009, Rita realized that she needed a greater level of care and support.  In August of 2011, Rita moved to a modest house in Portland, Maine, in immediate proximity to her youngest child, Gary, and his family.  From August 2011, until her passing on July 1, 2021, Rita transitioned from general independence, through home assisted living, home nursing care, and sadly to home hospice care.
Rita Lou Long Glick was a remarkable and highly capable person of intellect and ability.  She brought joy to everyone that had the pleasure of her company.  She maintained her grace and wit, even up until the hours before her demise.  Though she allowed others to cast shadows of greatness, real or imagined, it was Rita Lou that was the quiet inspiration, and therefore, the source of light that allowed others to shine.

Rita Lou Long Glick is survived by her children:
  • Son Norman Stanley Glick of Bainbridge Island, Washington, daughter in law Barbara (Riffert) Glick, and grandchildren Jonathan Glick and Jesse Glick, as well as (Jonathan’s daughter) great granddaughter Eleanor Glick.
  • Daughter Barbara Lois (Glick) Kiyuna of Okinawa, Japan, son in law Mitsu Kiyuna, and grandchildren Meriel (Read) Lessig and Elana (Read) Gilbert, as well as (Meriel’s daughter) great granddaughter Ellie Lessig.
  • Son Gary Newton Glick of Portland, Maine, daughter in law Kathleen (McGuire) Glick, and grandchildren Devi Glick and Dr. Hillary Glick.

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