Sean James Amato

Sean James Amato
March 16, 1965
December 10, 2022

Sean James Amato, beloved husband, father, and grandfather (Ozzy) was born in Newark, NJ, on March 16, 1965. He passed away suddenly on December 10th in Portland, Maine. He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Michelle, three children, Katherine, Sean, and Bridgid, daughter in law Alyssa, and grandchildren, SJ and Nora. 

Sean was a Renaissance man. A scrappy, fun loving, kind hearted, generous, self taught, and rugged individual who found a way to succeed at any trade he put his mind to— but first, he was a musician. Music was his raison d’être. The hours he spent each week playing metal, rock, the blues, and classical guitar brought him and those within earshot great joy. In his twenties he played music professionally and years later could still jump into any session with ease. He was a massive computer geek who designed and built his own supercomputer with an effective water-cooling system that he used for gaming. Sean was a natural designer and artist. He lived in a near constant state of flow and, though an introvert, was still present in his community. Always ready to jump into projects to support his children, an example is the dragonfly sculpture created from scrap metal that floats over the pond in Longfellow Elementary School’s Garden, in Portland, Maine. 

He had a great sense of humor, an infectious laugh, his hugs were epic, and he was a zombie and horror film aficionado. He loved his family dearly and worked himself to the bone to provide a good life for his wife and children which among countless other expressions included building a house that’s now a Downeast attraction. A piece of us all is gone and we mourn the loss with great fervor while we plan a celebration of Sean’s life that will take place later in 2023. 

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